The North Hope Race 2013 Head Vet Caroline Griffitts has been selected to join the IFSS antidoping committee with her special focus on dog related issues. The ISDVMA board has been reviewing the list of banned substances for racing dogs and the antidoping regulations, and will be making recommendations on revisions.   Caroline Griffitts has been in charge of anti-doping testing on the Stage Stop Sled Dog Race in the US for many years as well.   There are currently considerable differences between races and race governing organizations in antidoping regulations, and because of this there has been a lot of discussion in the sled dog world, concerning what constitutes the best treatment for the dogs.   These controversies have resulted in mushers withdrawing from races or races withdrawing from being sanctioned by organizations such as IFSS.   This was the case of the Two Rivers Sled Dog association removing their races from serving as the long-distance section of the IFSS World Championship that will be held this February in Alaska.

“In light of this, on February 20th, 2013 there will be a unique seminar from Caroline Griffitts held within the program of the North Hope Race 2013 called “ANTIDOPING. STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH”.  Jaime Martinez Salles and Richard Long, both on the ISDVMA board and part of the discussions on the antidopingregulations, and both also having been head vets of major races with experience in antidoping, will assist with the seminar.


Attendance fee – 1000 rub.

Attendance for NH participants is free

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