Russian Geographic Society


The Russian Geographical Society was established by the highest authority of Nicholas I in 1845. It is one of the oldest geographical societies in the world.

Nowadays, the Russian Geographical Society continues to follow the time-honored traditions established by its founders. Geographers, ecologists, geologists, ethnologists, statisticians, photographers, mass-media representatives, travelers and those, eager to learn new about Russia and ready to help to preserve its natural riches cooperate with the Society.

Representatives of the Russian imperial dynasty, distinguished travelers, researchers and state figures had headed the Society over the past.

The Russian Geographical Society’s expeditions played significant role in opening of the Siberia and the Far East, Middle and Central Asia, and the World Ocean.

The Russian Geographical Society is the information partner of the X International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2016 for the benefit of children. RGO will be providing informational support for the event, besides it has kindly provided a special award to the race prize fund.