Overnight Campout

overnight checkpoint

We are happy to announce that the major change in the NH race format for the past years, developed in cooperation with professional North American mushers, world class veterinarians and race officials – overnight campout checkpoint – will be kept in the format for the NH 2015 race!

The aim of the change is to introduce a key element of distance mushing, shifting the speed focus to endurance and an adventurous, expeditional, strategical component of dog racing and returning to the aboriginal origins of the sport.

Between Stages 5 (80km) and 6 (40km) there will be an Unassisted Overnight Checkpoint organized out on the trail, after which all mushers will head out for their final and most intense section of the race route to make their last gasp to the race finish line.

Winter camping skills. Wise time management. Reading dogs and choosing the right line-up for the overnight. Stamina. Courage. Attitude.
One on one with your dogs. No handlers.
One one one with wilderness. No back up.
One on one with yourself.
Real trial by fire amidst the wild.

Dog racing is not just a speed and endurance competition. It’s also an ability to act in harmony with a living creature, it’s a sport suppressing ambitions and getting one to the finish line mainly by love and care for your team-mates. This is a sport that serves to reveal the things in a human that are being lost rapidly these days – magic, almost totemic bond with nature, power of a wild beast and of a pure heart.